I-medsys - Innovative Medical Informatics.

Lyriapacs is a full digital medical imaging management solution. The system easily communicates with imaging equipment and promotes safe storage, transmission and viewing of images for interpretation and reporting by the radiologist. The system also allows remote access to images for consultation and remote reporting. It is the ideal solution for diagnostic imaging hospitals and clinics.


DICOM Visualization Tools

Client software used to search, retrieve, and view image exams stored on the image server. View multiple exams simultaneously. Exam images are grouped into series and arranged in user-customized layouts. Provides tools for image manipulation and processing (windowing, zooming, magnifying glass, borders, highlighting, etc.), annotation (electronic ink, text, etc.) and measurements (distance, angle, area, etc.).


DICOM Archive Server

Server software that has as main feature network services for storage of medical images and communication with acquisition equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, x-ray, ultrasound, among others. System built to DICOM 3.0 specifications, worldwide standard for coding and transmission of digital medical images.


Web Services and Integration

Web server responsible for communicating with the medical image storage, retrieval and display module via the Internet to properly authorized physicians. Includes tool for image manipulation and processing and interface for remote report recording. The same service can also be made available to patients who want to remotely access their images in hospitals or imaging diagnostic clinics. The lyriapacs solution is ready to integrate with existing HIS and RIS systems.

"USP Hospital das Clínicas saves R$ 7 million a year by not having to archive and print reports and images with Lyria PACS"

Research FAPESP Magazine report on the use and its benefits of Lyria PACS in HCRP.